You are unique!

Did you know that you are unique?

There is no other person in all the world who is exactly like you!

You’re different.

You’re special.

But maybe you don’t really feel like that.

Have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of a crowd? You look around, and you can’t see anyone you know … and you’re sure that no one in that crowd knows you.

You’ve had that feeling, haven’t you? When you’re standing in the middle of that crowd you have a strong feeling that no one even knows you exist. And just at that moment you probably also feel like there’s nothing special about you at all. You’re just another person … another face in the crowd.

Well, that’s not an unusual feeling to have. You’re not the first person to feel that way. But you’re wrong. I can guarantee it. You’re not just another face in the crowd. As I said a moment ago, you are unique … you are special … there is no one else in all the world exactly like you.

And no, I am not just trying to make you feel good. What I’m saying is absolutely true. Scientists have proved it.

In the first place, you know that police and government departments use fingerprints to identify people. They put some ink on your fingers and press them on paper, and they can tell by the patterns that your fingers leave if you really are the person you say you are. That’s because no two people in the world have the same fingerprints.

And that’s only one way you are different. Some scientists in Japan have discovered that your lips are special too. Just like your fingerprints, your lips have little markings on them, little grooves in the skin … and everyone has a different pattern.

And there’s something else that really is well known … no one else smells exactly like you. That’s not an insult. It’s a fact. That’s why police tracking dogs can follow one person’s trail for long distances just by the smell they leave behind on the ground they touch.

But that’s only a small beginning of the ways you are different — you are unique. Eyes can be used for identification — just like fingerprints — because every eye in the world is different. One doctor in the United States made a study of what is inside of people … and he discovered that even your stomach is different from everyone else’s. No two are exactly the same size or shape.

Then there is your heart. It’s different, too. No two people in the world have hearts that are exactly the same size or shape. Then there is the system of veins and arteries that carries your blood all through your body. It’s also different.

So you see … you are unique.

You are different.

No one — anywhere — is exactly like you.

If you were to go to a factory, you could stand beside an assembly line and watch cans of beans (or something like that) come along the conveyor belt. The cans would all be the same size. The same color. They would each have the same label. Every can would be the same as the one next to it.

But you’re not like that.

You didn’t come from a factory assembly line.

You’re one of a kind.

But what difference does that really make?

Does it make you feel a little better about yourself? Perhaps. But is that enough?

Maybe you’re thinking, “So what? Being different doesn’t mean that I’m any better or any worse than anyone else I know. I’m just different.”

You’re probably right.

But being different — being unique — does tell you something. So many people these days are feeling like they are nothing more than a number on a computer card somewhere in a government file. But God says you are more than that. You’re a special design. You were made special. Because that is the way God created you. You’re different. You are not just a number. And because you’re different … YOU are important. Maybe not important to the government — maybe not important to those other people standing around you in the crowd — but you are important to God. Because he is the one who designed you. He is the one who made you different. He is the one who made you unique.

Scientists have only just recently discovered how unique and special each one of us is — how special you are. But God has known this all the time.

God knows all about you.

He knows what you need.

He knows what you feel and what you think.

He knows exactly what you have done.

And he loves you in a way that is only for you.

Because God made you special, he has a special interest in you.

His love is for you and it is special.

His plan for you and your life is unique too.

It’s special.

That’s something worth thinking about.

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