Why Are We Here? …

Like the title suggests, Thinking About is an informal conversational look at life, and God and you … and how those three connect to bring meaning into your existence.

We all have great ideas about how to make the world a better place. We think we know the way life should be. So why doesn’t God follow our ideas, and make the world that better place according to our vision and our great humanitarian, compassionate, logical and balanced viewpoints?

We all have loads of questions about why life happens the way it does.

We are all confused at times as we wonder where God connects to life, and why?

That’s why Thinking About is here. To take some time to think about some of those questions. And to hopefully reduce some of the confusion.

Please take time to read … Select a topic at the right … think about it … and if you feel like it, please leave a comment.


4 Responses to Why Are We Here? …

  1. savadogo saladine soudez says:

    hope !

  2. savadogo saladine soudez says:

    hope always !

  3. Adam Jerold says:

    Just live in the day. Don’t dwell on the past and don’t worry about the future. Live now.

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