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We all have loads of questions about why life happens the way it does.

We are all confused at times as we wonder where God connects to life, and why?

We have some interesting things here to think about ... check out our topics and questions.

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Topics & questions ...

1 -- Have you tried talking to God ... but you're not sure he is listening. -- Does God ever answer? That's a good question!

2 -- How do you talk to God?
Have you tried talking to him as a Friend?

3 -- Forgiveness? ... or ... Revenge? Which do you want? Which do you need?

4 -- Can we really know God? Personally? Or is he too big and too far away?

5 -- Did Jesus Really Die? A lot of people ask that question.

6 -- Did you know that you are unique? There is no other person in the world who is exactly like you.

7 -- Why do you believe what you believe? Do you ever think about that?

8 -- How much of your life does God have? Do you share enough time with him to really get to know him?

9 -- Why was I born? Do you ever ask that question?

10 -- Can I whisper when I pray?

11 -- Who are you really?

More pages -- more questions -- more thoughts -- are coming soon.

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