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The Sweep: River Renaissance

The Big Sweep: River Renaissance


Paris has invested $1.5 billion to make the Seine River swimmable for the 2024 Olympics. The river is set to feature in the Olympic opening ceremony and host swimming events. 


Why It Matters: The Seine was once full of swimmers and sunbathers. But that was over a century ago. River traffic, waste water dumping, and other pollutants have made the water unsafe for humans to enter.


Who's Involved: The cleanup effort involves city officials, environmental experts, and the Greater Paris Sanitation Authority.


The Plan:

  • Sanitation Overhaul: Update extensive sanitation systems to prevent river pollution.
  • Infrastructure Expansion: Connect over 23,000 residences and houseboats to the municipal sewer system.
  • Recreational Sites: Establish three public swimming spots by 2025.


The Challenge: Despite improvements, the river still shows unsafe bacteria levels. The Olympics are just around the corner.


The Legacy: Beyond the fact that it will make the events extremely epic and memorable, it has the potential to transform the Seine into a vibrant recreational space and swimming area for Parisians.


Second Sweep: Grow Your Janco


Earlier this month I attended the Business Growth Strategies Conference. An event hosted by the ISSA at their Global HQ in Rosemont, IL.


The context: This is a smaller and more intimate event than the flagship event, ISSA North America Show. It was also the first year they held the conference in over 6 years.


Our thoughts: It was a fun couple days and we got to connect with a lot of familiar faces, as well as some new ones. There was a good variety of presenters and panelists, representing all sizes of janco. I was on a panel discussing “Operations and Leveraging Standards”. I’ll be posting clips from our panel on my LinkedIn.


Why it matters: The ISSA and its members have been doing a great job building the community over the past few years. This event demonstrated that there is more demand for networking and educational events outside of the annual ISSA North America Show that takes place in Vegas.


Next up: The Annual ISSA North America Show in Las Vegas, November 17-21. If you’ve never attended, I strongly suggest you attend this year. Last year's show was a ton of fun, especially the private events. Based on what I’m hearing, there will be even more private events planned for this year. I’ve already got my trip booked. Drop me a line if you’re attending or have any questions.


Registration: ISSA Show North America




💚 The 2024 Green Seal report has been released (Source: Green Seal)


👎 Cleaning industry voices concerns about LEED v5 (Source: Facility Executive)


🤖 Lucid Bots secures $9M for drones to clean more than your windows (Source: TechCrunch)


The Clean Up

🍔Shake Shack’s first Canadian location has opened! I had a chance to attend the Grand Opening (thank you Danny Meyer!) and can confidently say, the burgers are just as good here as they are anywhere else in the world. Go get yourself a Double Shack Burger asap.

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