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We're different.

We're not your typical building service contractor.

We’re a family owned-and-operated company that cares deeply about creating clean and healthy spaces.

We started as a modest window cleaning operation, evolved into a regional cleaning company, and today we’ve transformed into a national cleaning and facility services organization.

We’re here to improve workplace well-being. That's how we stay impactful!

Seven decades of smart, sustainable, and scalable cleaning solutions

and that's only just the beginning...

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Our approach

is super simple

For the past 70 years, our approach has been about doing the little things right. The tiny details make all the difference. Communicate clearly; train our teams thoroughly, and develop data-driven solutions that scale. Over a long partnership, these actions compound to big, impactful, results.

The Newsroom

What is Commercial Cleaning?
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I know… we said we wouldn’t be posting generic cleaning content that you can find on Google. We’ve...

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The Sweep: Cleaning Week!
By George Boutsalis 3 April 2024

by George Boutsalis | March 27, 2024

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The Big Sweep: NFMT...

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The Sweep: River Renaissance
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The Big Sweep: River Renaissance

Paris has invested $1.5 billion to make the Seine River...

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It all started

from humble beginnings...

On a sunny spring morning in 1954 a young man picked up a bucket and squeegee and made his way around Toronto offering to clean storefront windows for the cut-rate price of 5 cents....

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We develop data-driven solutions, for your spaces

Homepage Data solutions

The services we've delivered for nearly seven decades. Eco-friendly, third-party accredited. 


Our customer-centric solutions are designed for facility of all shapes, sizes, and scopes.


From the front-line to the back-office, we help keep your operations moving forward.


Our highly-trained, certified, professionals will ensure your spaces are kept clean and safe.

The Markets We Serve

*We're always in search of new markets. If you don't see your city on this map that doesn't mean we can't help you. Drop us an email and we'll get you some quality cleaning services asap!

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