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Born To Clean

I often get a surprised or questionable look when I say I love to clean.

I figure this might be because cleaning is not something most people are passionate about. I would also venture a guess that the number of young men who would admit to enjoying cleaning is probably even slimmer.

When I say I was born to clean, it is not an embellishment or figure of speech.

This is a photo of me, as a one year old, with my favourite toy: the vacuum.

I was obsessed with vacuums as a kid. So much so that I had not 1, but 2, Fisher Price toy vacuums. I would run around the condo with a vacuum in each hand “cleaning the floors.”

While my parents and I aren’t sure why I came to love the humble vacuum above all other toys, the fact my parents valued the importance of a clean home, likely played a significant role. 

Particularly my dad, who has always been extremely proud to call himself a cleaner. He is what some might call a “neat freak”. However, in our household that is a compliment, not a pejorative. 

He always believed a clean space allows for a clear mind. This leads me to think that my passion for cleaning comes from a combination of nature and nurture.

I share this story because, much like my dad, I too am extremely proud to call myself a cleaner. I love to clean, and I love what I do for a living: bringing innovative solutions to our clients so they can have cleaner spaces and clearer minds when they work.

I can also confidently say that my siblings, our senior team, and many of our people and partners share the same passion for cleaning. We are proud of what we do, and we work hard to bring the best solutions to the table.

Impact may not be the biggest cleaning company but I think it would be tough to find a team that cares about cleaning as much as we do. 

That's why we promise to be your partner for a cleaner commercial property.

Others may say the same. But where we differ is our passion. I mean, how many cleaning professionals can say they were born with a vacuum in their hands?

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