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The New School BSC

New School BSC

This is a great article (linked below) that highlights a trend I've been seeing more and more in the Commercial Cleaning Industry. We'll call this trend, "The New School BSC". 
(Building Service Contractor for my non-industry friends)

Over the past couple years I've met a lot of cleaning companies across North America. Most companies would fall into the traditional molds of a BSC. Family business, likely transitioning into the 2nd or 3rd generation. Of course, every company is somewhat unique. But the primary differentiation amongst this group is whether they're still 100% family-owned or they're backed by private equity, or some other financial partners.

Early on in my quest to meet more of my industry peers I began to come across some companies that didn't fit this traditional mold. I thought these companies were the exception, not the rule. But as I met with more and more companies, quite a few of them fell into this new mold of BSC. 

Most of these companies are fairly recent startups. Under 15 years.
Most of these companies had owners with minimal, if not zero, cleaning experience. Many coming from the corporate world.
Most of these companies had impressive revenues and margins.

I was so fascinated by all these entrepreneurs getting into cleaning. Almost all the companies I've met fit the three criteria above, but each of them was quite differentiated in their method of growth and/or primary industries. These are the people I refer to as "The New School BSC". This term is a compliment!

While each of these New School BSCs has a unique story, they all do seem to have another important key feature in common. They all want to share stories, experiences, and opportunities. The level of mutual respect, transparency, and collaboration is like nothing I've ever seen in this industry.

This blew my mind!

In my experience, the cleaning industry historically doesn't operate this way. I am not saying people aren't friendly and pleasant to work with. I know plenty of legacy companies that I have a deep respect and admiration for. However, in my experience, I don't know too many that openly share information about their business. 

At Impact, we've always been extremely transparent. Naturally, we have to keep some of our competitive advantages close to our chest. But for the most part, we're an open book.

These New School BSCs operate with this same mindset. It is incredibly refreshing, and exciting! The more of them I meet the more it makes me love what we do, and excited for the future of the BSC industry.

So this is shoutout to all the BSCs who I've met with, shared with, and worked with over the past couple years. I appreciate you all and wish each of you continued success. You all know who you are!

PS if you fall into this "New School BSC" category. Call, text, or email me anytime. Always happy to chat!


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